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The Countess of Derby launches a new podcast mini series – stay tuned!

The Countess of Derby divulges the inner Secrets of Knowsley Hall in her very own 6-episode podcast series (with bonus episode) that launched on the 17th August 2023. Renowned historian Dan Snow is among guests to discuss exclusive discoveries and historical moments. Lady Derby, wife of Edward Stanley, the 19th Earl of Derby, has taken over The Duchess podcast from the Duchess of Rutland, who stepped back from the project earlier this year and has been replaced by a ‘collection of new women’ who will each delve into the tales and treasures of their respective country estates.

The hour-long episodes will offer an insider’s perspective, brought to life with high profile guests. The mini-series will unearth fascinating discoveries from the deepest archives of Knowsley Hall. Listeners will discover pivotal moments that solidified the family’s prominence in racing, culture and politics, with topics including Edward Lear, who penned the famous poem, The Owl and the Pussy Cat, at Knowsley Hall; the origins of Knowsley Safari; the Derby family’s links with William Shakespeare and with horse racing, most notably how The Derby horse race acquired its moniker.

Released weekly, the Countess of Derby’s podcast and blogs will provide insight into the lives of the previous Earls of Derby, as well as stories about the remarkable discoveries made at Knowsley Hall, including the recently discovered travel journals of the 20 year old Edward Geoffrey Stanley, later The 14th Earl of Derby, later 3 times Prime Minister to Queen Victoria.

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