Tractor with hay baler on the Knowsley Estate

Farming and conservation

Knowsley Park consists of 2500 acres of historic parkland and woods and the Estate operates its own farming enterprise in the park combining livestock, arable, and grasslands to provide a varied and mixed habitat that promotes wildlife and plant diversification whilst producing healthy and well managed livestock and crops.

Our focus is on providing conservation farming, allowing the best conditions for the farming operation whilst preserving and encouraging the habitats necessary for the local wildlife. This is done using areas of wilding, conservation borders around fields and woodlands, preservation and increased planting of woodland areas, and monitoring and surveying of wildlife to ensure that the natural environment flourishes alongside the farming enterprise.

The Estate has numerous lakes and ponds which are maintained to ensure the best diversification of wildlife species as well as being ascetically pleasing, and we utilise a number of green energy sources such as biomass and solar energy. The Estate follows guidance from the Linking Farm and Environment, the Soil Management Initiative, and the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust whilst developing its future environmental strategy.

Knowsley Hall